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44% of sales people

Follow-up on their prospects only once. This is an alarming statistics since we all know that follow-ups always win a sale

80% of sales

Requires 5 follow-ups to move it to a close. Unfortunately most of us do not make those follow-ups

63% of prospects

requesting information on your company today will not purchase for at least three months
An entry for those new to sales or for those who would like to try our service out
₹ 0 / lead
One time payment
25 verified leads
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Every lead list includes:
Company Name
Company Domain
Contact Name
Contact Title
Contact Email Address
For start-up that need to keep their sales roll-in and revenue ticking
₹ 250 / Contacts
One time payment
100 verified contacts
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Every lead list includes:
Company Name
Company Domain
Contact Name
Contact Title
Contact Email Address
For teams that need all the data about their target market to dominate sales
Custom Pricing
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Every lead list includes:
Everything in PRO Plan
Sales Email Copywriting
Out-reach Campaigns
Sales Follow-ups
Appointment Fixing
Basic Reporting

Here is the investment that you need make to grow your business

Our price is extremely competitive and result oriented with a focus to provide you with a better ROI on your investments by saving you time and money.  On an average, we had shown an ROI of 250% on our client’s sales generation investments. Our price starts with
USD 2500 / month
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All plans also include: Company Name | Company Domain | Contact Name | Contact Title | Contact Email Address
How long does it take to build my pipeline?
We work in two 90 day sprints for you. First 90 day cycle is to prepare your pipeline with leads. The second 90 day cycle will be focused on realising your revenues.
What is your reach out process?
During our on-boarding session, we would ask you few questions about your business, target audience, offerings, and the challenges you wish to solve. This information then forms the basis for our reach-out campaigns. 
How do you classify as a lead?
We classify a lead only when a prospect has responded to our outreach with interest and we also ascertain if the prospect meets the qualifying criteria set by you.
What is my Return on Investment - ROI?
Our delivery is completed ROI focussed. On an average our Return on Investment is 250%. Shocking isn't it? Here are the details.
Would you be replacing our sales team?
Yes and no. Yes for the reason that we could get all this done at a 30-60% saving compared to your inside sales team. And no for the reason that we don't sell on your behalf. We get you a sales qualified prospect to close the deal with.
I am not sure whom should I target. Can you help?
Of course. We are more than happy to work with new clients and help them in identifying their ideal customer profiles after which we will start building your sales pipeline.
Can I get a free trial?
Nothing comes free. However, our pricing is pretty affordable to start with. Also, we have an average ROI of 250%, which means within the first 6 months of our engagement, you would have made your money 2.5 times more than what you had invested.
How should I make the payment?
You can use our authorised payment link using Instamojo or we would invoice you.
What types of companies do you work with?
We work for B2B companies. The companies we work with are small, medium and large sized businesses. The industries range from financial services to SaaS to industrial manufacturing to IT Services. We've worked with over 50 companies from all types of industries.
What's your refund policy?
Reach out to us within 24 hours of any charge to get a refund. No questions asked.
Is this month-to-month or is there a contract?
Yes. You would have a 6 month contract. This is because we invest and plan for 90 days in advance. Also, we run this program in two 90 day sprints.
Does the cost in your pricing page include taxes?
Yes. The mentioned pricing is inclusive of all taxes.
I have more questions. How can I reach you?
You can email us at You can also use the contact page and drop in your query in the message column.